Men’s psychology from divorce, why men will choose to divorce

Divorce is very strong for a family. Many couples divorce because of various reasons. In real life, many men still don’t leave home after divorce. What is the psychology of such a man?

Why do men choose to divorce, not left home

1. Eat bowls, see the pot

This reflects the active man’s selfish psychology. If they leave home after they divorce, they can enjoy it outside. To put it bluntly, “There is a colorful flag fluttering, and the red flag is not in the family.” The woman outside is good, and it will not always accompany her to the old. She will choose myself, maybe one day she will choose another man. In addition, she has no child, and there is no relationship with each other. If she is completely left at this home, and the woman outside, the outside of the woman will definitely not like her and have a contact with the previous home. If you are separated from your family, she didn’t have anything.

2. In order to give the children a complete home,

In fact, if the husband and wife break, the poorest is the child, so most of the family after the divorce of Brada. Have children, nickel tape without children is basically directly divided. Some husbands will not let their children know that they are divorced, and they will pretend together on the surface. Generally, it is economically independent and does not interfere with each other. They still have to play a loving couple in front of the child. Such an unhappy family atmosphere is harmful to the child, and even let the child have more hatred to the parents or one of them. Because this family model is often more harm to the child, don’t deceive people to give your child a complete home.

3. In order to face and interest

There is a sentence “Love is two people, marriage is two families. Under the influence of traditional concept, the divorce is not just Two people will bring great pressure to parents, relatives, friends, and some people’s debate. For them, divorce is an explanation of all people who care about themselves. Divorce can be better Concealed, but separation can’t hide. For men, there is no one to take care of their lives, children, etc.
Give yourself a retreat

Many men have inexplicable confidence and possession. Even if they break up, they still think that you are his property, Ning Dinn is not saved. Although he divorced with his wife, But in your heart, I still regard my wife as my own woman. If I leave home, my wife meets another man and another man, I am nothing. Some men are afraid that the ex-wife is more happy than themselves, so after divorce Organize her to marry and give yourself a retreat.

Men’s psychology from divorce
The red flag is not falling, the color is fluttering [ 123] [123Many people think people are dogs, loyal. In fact, the nature of men is a cat, and derailed is normal. Men hopes that there are people at home to manage their housework, do their own strong backing, and hope to have a woman who worsers yourself and loves yourself.

Do you want to go back?

Men is very good at considering problems from the perspective of interest. When they don’t leave their home, they will naturally think of their future. Although this family has ruptured, they have lived in age for so many years. They have long been like a relative, have a certain feeling. Their child grows up, just in this home, you can also give yourself old. After all, it is outside, not to myself, it is a disaster. There is also a wife, with economic income, can continue to be a mother.

The man has a strong desire, although it is divorced with his wife, but I think that my wife will be with other men, nothing to them.

Men divorce not left home reason

The two are all

everyone is self-contained, brancy greed, everyone They are all selfish, dark faces. This means that most men are greedy, and the wife women don’t want, but the fish and the bear have not want to give up. Two whole beauty, this is the most authentic idea in the hearts of men. If a man is willing to marry a woman, then he must be true at the time. But men and women in love are different. Once most women fall in love with someone, they will die. Men’s heart conquest and inferiority, let them don’t want to be loyal to a relationship, like to stimulate. But in fact, a love became a family. After all, it was a happy love for many years, and his wife also had a certain status in the hearts of men. Maybe there is no love, maybe you will be tired, but there will be affiliated affection, thinking. In addition, if there is a child between the two people, it is impossible to put it down. But men love fresh feelings, not everyone can be cleaned. The woman outside is not only young and beautiful, but also dress yourself. The wife at home is not beautiful, and the man is difficult to temptation to this world. Although the era of three wives has passed, the law only allows the husband and wife, but the feudal thinking of this ancestor has not completely eliminated, the man is still eager to conquer the woman, this is an embodiment of charm. So, for a man, divorce means he is single, you can continue to enjoy luxury life, pursue young and beautiful women, leave home after divorce, so he can continue to enjoy the life of his wife at home.
Seeking a rear path

It can be said that men choose one of the reasons why the divorce is not separated from home, it is to leave a way out. Even if the life is not happy after marriage, the original home is not good, it is also my life for many years. The Chinese is a traditional nation and attaches great importance to family and children. Men pay attention to family, I hope some people will support him.So if there is a child, the man will not easily give up the family. The woman outside is a new and fascinating, all the pleasure, will accompany the end. Many men choose the woman outside because of the passion, will not form a new family. These men who have been married, it is actually going to prepare a temporary movement, continue to return to the native family. If one day they regret, there is still a way out.


Many men are big men’s people, and they have a strong desire. Even if you don’t like your favorite, you don’t allow others to touch, and you will not allow women to touch. In the hearts of the man, the woman is marking himself, it is his property. He can find a woman, but he will not allow a woman to find a man. Although a man and his wife’s marriage broke, I still hoped that his wife is still waiting for his father. If the divorce leaves home, it is equivalent to giving others to the place, the wife will have the opportunity to find a man to start a new life, and the child has a new father. This is a naked blow to men, is a spiritual harm, a challenge to man dignity, so he will not allow for others.

Divorce also lives harm

affects the next emotion

If two divorce people no longer plan to find a partner or then married And just want to live in this familiar environment, it is a disaster for women. The man is 40 years old is a flower, and the woman in 40 years old is a yellow flower that is not liked by others. Since divorced, you should be stable, find your own life, bid farewell to the past, welcome your wonderful future.
People are filled with retaliation and embarrassment, especially women, always feel that men betray themselves. If they want to destroy this man personally, they will take some extreme means to let men hate women. People’s feelings don’t know when to start, when it ends, cherish, and turn back.

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