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Tang Ruo’s original literary works must be investigated

The real strong woman must know how to calm down. What is calm? Taishan collapsed in front without changing the face. This is a kind of mind and a kind of pride and confidence in the bones.

The calmness of a powerful woman is not born. This calmness comes from the understanding and knowledge of the law of the world.

The powerful of a woman comes from the powerful mentality? The Meng Wanzhou incident has appeared in the public’s vision for a long time. It was still hot search some time ago. Our visual impact is also very large.

There is such a photo. In the photo, Ms. Meng Wanzhou smiled elegant and dignified. It looks like she is going to a meeting, but we all know not, why? Because of her handcuffs on her feet.

Because of the Huawei incident, Ms. Meng Wanzhou has not been able to return to China so far. The pain that she suffered from the United States and Canada, the pressure on her body was unimaginable by our ordinary people, but in this case, she was still calm and calm.

It is still elegant and beautiful when accepting the trial. This calmness is really not something that ordinary women can do. Such people are really strong in their hearts.

The strength of a woman often comes from the strong mentality. Women must not lose their mentality, because a strong mentality will eventually make you come back.

Meng Wanzhou’s strength also comes from the judgment and understanding of the self, which is transparent and familiar with the law. Not alone, but strong support behind the system.

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column Tang Ruo’s heart learning: The best achievement of his own author: Tang Ruo Xinxue 29.9 yuan 3,844 people have purchased it to see The calmness of the woman also comes from the conquest of life? Some time ago, there was a variety show. “Sister”, this interview sees a kind of intellectual and firm for a worker who has set foot on a job.

Su Mang, as a visitor, is also the role of interviewers, giving a sense of elegance of lily flower. This woman is not a simple person. Of course, aside from her, let’s take a look at the protagonist. The first episode of the visitors were Liu Tao.

Liu Tao is an artist that the public is very familiar with. Unlike the beauty of other small flowers, the female artist has a calmness that years and life have brought her to her. She is like a lotus flower, quietly openOn the hot summer, Qi Qinglian was not a demon, and Xiang Yuanyi gave people a good feeling.

When she was young, she was also amazing. Aju in “Tianlong Babu”, Bai Suzhen in “White Snake Biography” was impressive. At that time, she was just right, and when she met her favorite object, she decisively withdrew from the public’s sight. But the most lack of accidents in the world is accidents.

It didn’t take long for his husband to go bankrupt because of the failure of the investment and returned a huge debt, but such a woman did not leave for this reason to make money to pay debts to her husband.

From then on, her image began to change, and she was no longer a fairy who was unreasonable but a career woman with intellectual elegance. In this interview, Liu Tao gave himself a very accurate positioning: women who lived on the will.

No one can sleep, but when people have willpower, they will move forward. Many workers in this sentence feel the same, but not many people can really do it. But she did it and did well.

So she succeeded and became a beautiful look in our eyes today. She is undoubtedly a woman who is flying at the highest point and lowest point of life. She is flying into the sky. Her strong heart and dentation have given her the best feedback.

When a woman can come out of the trough of life and conquer life, for women, this victory can make them have more courage to face a complex future, and also allow them to have them to have More calm hug the future.

The calmness of a woman comes from the understanding of the world? There is a little fairy who is undoubtedly a hot search physique, and you can just get hot search. This should be a thing that many artists are very envious.

But it may not be so happy to her. Some time ago, because of the live broadcast, some people even said that she was not suitable for the entertainment industry. Of course, these words were indeed a bit fierce.

As a people who eat melon, I did watch the so -called live broadcast after seeing the hot search. Leaving aside the other things, the little fairy was angry in public, interrupted the live broadcast, and his emotional low and even tears just made me a pure passersby saying: This person’s heart is a bit fragile!

Maybe the fairy is a little princess, so the feeling of giving people is delicate. The value of the face is power. No one can make others look good. Seeing that they really make people have a kind of urge to care.

Of course, their image also brings a very beautiful feeling, but there is a little such woman who can only give people a small bird, Xiaojiabiyu feel, they are sensitive and kind, but they are not strong but not strong. Therefore, they did not have the calmness and calmness of the thing, and they couldn’t be panicked when they were in trouble, and finally made things messy.

I heard such a big truth in a show: “There is no need to let others understand your hard work, everyone is very hard, why do you want others to understand your hard work. Because your hard work may not be Understand, people who are harder than you are still insisting. People from all walks of life are doing their own things. “

This is a paragraph that Yang Mi said in an interview. Yang Mi is also considered a one The more smooth actress and a child star. This way, it really made the audience see her growth and transformation. Her success is not without reason.

This reason may be that Yang Mi had a deep understanding of the suffering of life long ago. On the basis of this understanding, he never slacked his life, and he would seize his own chance of life.

Everyone may understand that the calm woman is not inherent. This calmness comes from the refinement of life, and it comes from the conquest of life and the laws of the matter.

The more we know about these, the more we will find that the continuous efforts and strong hearts will make her career boom, and it will make the fairy’s aura stronger and more flexible.

Today’s topic: What do you think of a strong woman in the heart, welcome to discuss and exchange.

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