Ten kinds of girlfriends who can’t be asked often

Women who are unreasonable or even rational make people feel very annoying. If coax is useless, boys will gradually lose patience. The best way is to listen to her complaints quietly, comfort her, and laugh at it.

What should I do if my girlfriend is always unreasonable

The first trick: Do not enter the trap of your girlfriend’s speech

What is a speech trap? For example, your girlfriend asks you to go to the party and have beautiful women who want to chat with you. You answered that you will never accept the conversation. You must think this answer is perfect, but the sentence behind your girlfriend is really powerful: you will carry me to attend the party. Only when I heard this sentence, I knew how stupid my answer was, so be careful of this trap and learn to listen to your girlfriend’s words with your head. If she can answer the question directly, I will never go to any party again. How can she pick such a sentence?

The second measure: A kiss is enough to make trouble unreasonable

The girlfriend is angry, it is really hard to coax, you do n’t coax, you do n’t coax. what do I do? Then solve it in a man. Hold your head directly, close his mouth, and see how she speaks. I was afraid that my heart was jumping quickly, and I ran away shyly.

The third trick: Sweet words attack

When your girlfriend sees you, don’t make sense to her. The reasoning with women is simply looking for death. As long as you look at her eyes and listen to her, let her know that she is embarrassing and shy, and then says: I love you, you are so beautiful, I want you to wait for her sweet words to make her thinking confused, and she can say she can say what.

The fourth measure: Use “Badpower” uniform

If your girlfriend starts to make trouble on the street, she hugs her and makes her difficult to be in artishable on the street. Then Kissing her cheeks when she buried her head in your arms. Let her know your love, that’s all OK. If you make trouble at home, overwhelm yourself in the bed, and see what she says. She will be conquered by your domineering! Girls’ hearts are as bottom as the sea. It is difficult to figure out their minds, so when they make trouble, they must find ways to subdue their girlfriends. Otherwise, they still don’t know how powerful they are. Who says that you fall in love with your own heart? Mind and hands!

Why do girlfriends often make trouble unreasonable

Why do women in love always make trouble? It is nothing more than “seeking attention”. Because of love, I want to create more common experiences; because of love, I want to participate in the other party; because of love, I want to occupy a special position in your heart. In general, everything comes from love. Men, don’t ask your girlfriend why you don’t care. If one day your girlfriend is no longer unreasonable to you, it means that she has given up you. At this time, even if you ask her to make trouble with you, she will not do it again.

What to do if your girlfriend does not reason

Find the troublesome girlfriend

Girls always have a low emotional time every month. If she occasionally quarrels with you, splashing water, or picking bones in the eggs, the boy can just pass by with a smile, don’t mind too much. If you are angry with her, things will be complicated.

Small question is a big girlfriend

The girlfriend’s affairs, when the boyfriend must take it to the heart, so as not to do big questions. Obviously it is just a cold, and you can cure it. She would say that you didn’t care about her, didn’t take care of her, crying with you with a temper ~ Being a boyfriend, be careful!

The entangled girlfriend

Girls with entanglement and entanglement are particularly difficult to deal with. Don’t let her catch your braid. If you don’t want her to miss you endlessly, you can be a perfect boyfriend, hiding private room money, deceiving you, once you are found, there is no peace.

A girlfriend played with a topic

Originally because of the problem of buying clothes, you disagree. She can say that you don’t love her at all. You are just a wealthy slave. What you buy is much more expensive than her clothes. You don’t care about her at all. A small thing, she can use various versions to describe it! Such a girl is actually better than not provoking.

Don’t guess your girlfriend’s thoughts

Girls make trouble unreasonably. You don’t know what she is. You just need to listen to her complaint quietly. After crying, I will tell you the reason. Don’t make a smart guess, soothing and apology. It is likely that your behavior will make her unable to calm down for a longer time, because your guess is 99%of the chance.

Girlfriend is unable to get used to pain

Many boys love their girlfriends when they are in love, and they depend on her. As long as she asked, you agree. Over time, they will get used to the arrogance of their girlfriends. Love is also a matter of principle. If you just compromise, she will eat more about you, do whatever you want. Love can also be moderate.

Ten kinds of unspecified girlfriends

One: If your girlfriend likes to talk about QQ, likes to add netizens, the worse thing is to leave the phone number to leave the phone number give them. This woman is most suitable for you

Okay, one day she will have an accident, playing with feelings, dirty women 2: If your girlfriend is with you, you will find her and ex -boyfriend one day After the night together, don’t be soft no matter what excuses, such women are very cheap, don’t, otherwise you will be injured in the future

3: If your girlfriend and you are with you, you will always keep constantly constantly There are always men’s calls. This person must have a problem, you must not continueGoing down, because she is still secretly dating someone else or a man to find her ‘

Four: If your girlfriend has some less elegant photos in QQ space, this woman is really really It is very serious, she has 100 % problems, she wants others to know her existence, and she wants more men to pay attention. You can forgive her past errors, but it is a two -code thing for making mistakes and slutty. It is your ‘money’, you are not worthy of her true emotion, you have to pay attention to it, you will be unlucky after marrying her

6: If your girlfriend can endure a day without sending a message for a day If you don’t call you, you will know a little. She doesn’t care about you at all. ]
Seven: If your girlfriend does not cook and organizes housework because of playing games, you will not have happiness at all. She will not give you a warm and neat family. You must be careful

8: If your girlfriend goes out to date with you, if you have been angry for a long time, this woman will not love you enough, she will be patient with you, see if she really loves you She will be glad and smiles sweetly, and soon wait

Nine: If your girlfriend never gives you face in front of your friend, it means that she does not respect you, If you marry you in the future, you will regret it. It is sooner or later when you wear a “green hat”

Ten: If your girlfriend is in charge of the gift, you want to coax her, this woman is too naive and emotional, let alone how to come in the future Live, what a man needs is a woman who can comfort the soul, not a child who needs to coax

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