The 50 -year -old man has no husband and wife life, why is the husband and wife live?

I do n’t know if you have found that the life of husband and wife usually shows more needs and ideas than women. In daily life, the frequency of men’s life to the partner’s “asking” husband and wife will be relatively more. Of course, in fact, this is caused by the level of men’s own hormone levels. The sex hormones secreted in men’s bodies can enable men to increase physiological needs and improve their own sexual ability. So in fact, this performance is also very normal.

But after the age of 50, many men are getting older, and the need for husband and wife life will be reduced a lot. Change will make women feel more surprised and curious. So why do many men enter the age of 50, but they live less or but the husband and wife live? Let me answer this question with you today.

First of all, we need to understand what corresponding changes will occur in men who are at the age of 50. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: “Husband’s six or eight yang qi is exhausted on the top, the face is burnt, and the bun is white. At the age of the age, yang failure, the whole body cannot be supported, and the face is blank. At the age of 56, liver qi is also weakened and cannot support the veins. Men take the kidneys as the innate. After the age of 50, the kidney yang declines, and the muscles of the muscles and bones have begun to be unacceptable. And the deficiency of kidney qi and kidney yang will also make men no longer desire so much for husband and wife life.

From the perspective of Western medicine, it is actually related to the level of male hormones. In fact, like women, men will begin to appear similar to women’s menopause during this age, so they are also called menopause. During this period, the main manifestation was the reduction of the speed ofrogen secretion. It is manifested in the body, and there will be a decrease in sexual desire and decreased sexuality. So this is why men live after 50 years old.

Of course, it is not necessary to have such a change in this period. This has a lot to do with his own hormone level and physical condition, and everyone is different. Therefore, if the partner has relevant needs, you can still live a husband and wife.

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