The characteristics of women with dignified and elegant faces generally have these four characteristics on their faces

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Women’s face value is determined by many aspects, but women who feel elegant and noble often have the same characteristics. For example, Chen Hong, although the sense of girls is not very sufficient, but from young to now, the feeling of giving people is gorgeous, Chan Ruo Rose, full of charm, and very expensive beauty. Compared to the big -looking face of the concept, women with these characteristics on their faces may not be so “popular”, but they are atmospheric and stylish. See how many you are in line with, right?

1: The face is soft and not sharp

Compared with the sharp and thin face, the visually soft and round face can give people a sense of nobleness, this kind of The appearance may not be so thin, but it has an elegant and generous beauty, and it is easier to transmit feminine temperament. In the past, the popular female stars may have a large face shape, but their outlines are generally soft, and the more fleshy cheeks make them look more charming. This rounded outline also makes them more durable. The more full outline and the filled skin, even when they are old, have a gorgeous beauty.

Gao Yuanyuan is also a typical face and soft appearance. It is not so sharp, but a more curved facial features to make her have a gentle and gentle beauty at the same time. Foot, but it is also beautiful and delicate enough. When the facial features are characteristic enough, after being able to play, even if the high round dress is very plain, there is still a kind of elegant and exquisite beauty, high -level and temperament, feminine.

Zhang Yuqi is also a typical example. Her looks are gorgeous enough, but her facial features have no obvious pointed impression, and the entire face still looks rich. The appearance is not thin but the beauty of round lines makes Zhang Yuqi very sexy, beautiful, and stunning and very feminine.

2: The forehead is not narrow

The forehead often determines whether a person’s appearance is expensive or thin, whether it is atmospheric or “small”. Although the large forehead is easy to make the entire face look less exquisite, when the forehead is too narrow, the entire face looks very “small Jia Jade”. It may seem youthful and lively everyday, but it is difficult to show a magnificent beauty.

Lin Yichen is a good example, because the forehead is too narrow, even if he combed all his hair to his forehead, it looks narrow, and the overall feeling is very youthful, not expensive and elegant.

Because the forehead is too narrow, when wearing some too gorgeous clothes, the overall effect is not very good when the hairstyle does not work. For example, Lin Yichen’s picture below, a capable plate with a tube top dressThe medium -divided scalp hairstyle not only made her hairline look high, but also her forehead was narrow and small, so the proportion of the entire face was greatly affected. The narrow face with a tube top dress, the overall style is naturally weird, and it is not impossible to look old.

Zhao Liying, who has the same baby face as Lin Yichen, because her forehead is not narrow, and the style presented is more diverse. Zhao Liying’s forehead is not so narrow, although not big, but it is not small. When leaving the big back, there is a sense of justice, sweetness without losing the atmosphere.

When the forehead was modified with bangs and made the forehead look small, Zhao Liying looked more sweet neighbors and the girl’s temperament. If you want to show your sense of nobleness everyday, you often have unexpected effects with hairstyle to “change” your forehead.

3: The nose looks exquisite

It may be because of the facial center point, although the proportion of the nose is not large, it has a great impact on the face value of the entire face. For The overall style is the same. Generally speaking, the nose looks relatively large. Compared with other facial features, it has a sense of contour and volume, which gives people a slightly “rough” feeling, which is easy to affect the face value and also affect the style.

When the nose is exquisite enough, such as Gong Li, her face has a strong sense of outline, but because her nose is delicate enough, the entire face still looks exquisite, atmospheric, and women’s charm.

Once the nose is too large or too small, the overall temperament is very affected if the proportion of the entire face is not so harmonious. It may still be beautiful, but the softness and nobleness of the entire face have been greatly affected.

4: The lips are not thin

Too thin lips, which not only affects the proportion of the entire face, but also gives people a sense of thinness, and even makes the overall temperament look like Too mature. It is not difficult to find that life is not difficult to grow. As you grow older, your lips are getting thinner and thinner. After the skin of the older lips is dry, it looks old -fashioned.

Therefore, if the lips are too thin, it is easy to give people a sense of oldness. The lip color is too light, which causes the lips to be too slim and the presence is not strong, which will also lead to this situation.

Jiang Shuying’s makeup is a good example. When the lipstick color is darker and makes her lips look rich, she looks younger and more delicate. Once the lip color is too thin, the stunning feeling of the whole face is much less.

Summary: The above is the characteristics of the expensive appearance. Compared with the current Internet celebrity aesthetics, this style requires the sense of harmony and vitality of the face. This kind of woman in life may not look amazing, but it is very resistant.

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