The first love is more important to boys, the meaning of the first love is for a boys.

She changed my sexuality

My first love begins with cinnabar. Later, as long as someone is accompanying, I don’t know who I love.

After I break up with her, it is like a terminal illness. Time will not heal me, I will not fall in love with another girl. Waiting for a day, it is probably the end of youth. Love is not allowed, the world is normal

The first love for boys is very important. Even if you don’t talk, there is still a place in his heart. Because that is the first person he doesn’t understand love.

If you happen to his first love, I hope you give him a time, let him become a big boy. After all, he is not sensible, but will take care of you, enjoy it. I want to find someone who knows you, it is recommended to find it than a few years older. After all, I have experienced more, I naturally talk about my idea.

It may not matter for her, but it may be a regret for a lifetime for boys.

The first love may not be with you or like the first person, but after careful consideration, but have to break up. Maybe many years later, you will miss, but miss this feelings. It is not that person.

I don’t know how boys think, mine, from 17 years in summer, still 徘徊. Others mentioned it, I always feel that my heart is wrong. I really want to fall in love, but I really can’t forget him.

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