Those who are good at thinking about people’s hearts are terrible to guess the people’s hearts

The company’s gossip time is always inseparable from Li Jiajia. She has come to the company for some years, and it can be said that it is an old man in the company.

Basically, she did not have a rotation except for the position of the boss. She was turn around in other positions. So far, she is still a small supervisor, but the ability to gossip is simply a “counterattack” every day.

Whether it is the gossip entertainment star or the company’s cleaning aunt, she looks like everything. But happy.

520 is coming soon, Xiao Lei of Xinjin Company received a bunch of bunch of blooming roses, and a delicate card with a exquisite card. “Although we don’t know which one is? But it can be seen that Xiao Lei is very happy. After all, every woman is more or less vanity, and it is still so expected.

Li Jiajia took the lead in front of Xiao Lei, and found out that it was a master of tricks and enjoying it.

“No signature, only sending ordinary red roses, indicating that he is at least a stuffy man, but he has the idea but has no guts; To act, either the facial features are cold, afraid that the first meeting will not have a good impact, or it is not true inner heart. If you want to invest in flowers, you want to ask the road. Such a man is very interested and specially attacks simple little girls. Mysterious, such a man is suspected of having mystery, but you can get married in love, waiting to be observed … “

Xiao Lei did not speak, but we can see her happiness before It’s all gone, and the rest are “worry”, for fear of something to lose, making the person you like to be wronged.

This is the strength of Li Jiajia, but also her weakness. Everyone loves stubbornness and likes to be “adults”. It has a strong desire to control. Within the scope of control, regardless of business or private affairs, slowly, everyone is far away to her, and she likes it, but she hates her teeth itching.

The reason why she “stubbornly show” in front of everyone is nothing more than covering herself. “The more lacking a person, the more you need to work hard to show off and show it.” This is the instinctual response at the beginning of the person’s self -defense.

The man in her family was seriously lacking in these aspects. She always lacks romance. Before flowers and bread, the bread is always the first. For women with material supremacy, this is not a kind of happiness, but in another type, it may be a disaster.

Let me think at the same timeGet up another grandmother of another hometown neighbor’s house. Now, she should have more than 80. At that time, she was also the “leader” in the village, almost omnipotent, omnipotent, and was a good hand in red and white happy events, human relationships, and some children’s affection.

The people in the village called her “everything”, and she was very happy. Grandma has never read the book, but has a close -ups. The whole village to the 60 or seventy -year -old man, to the young child who was just born, she can accurately remember their birthday, preferences and taboos,

Saying birth, media, and watching Feng Shui It seems that she can do it in a series of indispensable links in a series of farmhouse life, and she has a model.

Naturally, she became a celebrity in the village. Although her reputation rises, her “bottom details” have also begun to appear many versions. She has always questioned, argued and refuted. She always thought that in the end One day, everything can be settled. At that time, it was better to give yourself a name?

However, she was alone, and she was desolate in the evening. It seemed that when she came to this world, it was Pudu sentient beings, but eventually failed to cross herself.

I have to start with one of her men. At that time, under the imprisonment of the “Media Covenant”, how could a new educational grandma obey the traditional “three obsession and four virtues”, She struggled desperately to compete with fate, and to compete with the strict era. She gave up too much love for her for her ideals.

After the marriage, the nature of the man is slowly exposed, and alcoholicism and smoking have a unruly heart. There is no way to let them resonate with each other. Destroyed, ending the feelings that made grandma lick a lifetime. Since then, she can no longer go in her heart.

It is said that good marriage can also be achieved with each other. The bad marriage will only make each other internal consumption until life is hopeless and the life of life is exhausted. However, Grandma did not have such a choice. She let go of the man and returned to his own world and achieved him.

From these two women, it is not difficult to find that no matter which family, they have love, but there are problems in the ability and way of love.

I have ignored that we are all adults. We have our own thinking mode, bottom line and principle of human beings. Excessive interference will only be counterproductive. Follow the heart and develop freely.

Operating the marriage into a “garden of love”, whenever you see one of the flowers, you should think ofThe first appearance of love, how time the time is mottled, as long as he has him in his heart, and can be full of goodwill in a word and deeds, instead of speculation, suspicion, and limitation, then there will be a man and woman who falls in love in the river.Better home.

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