What is elegant and gentle temperament?After the 80s, women’s light and gentle temperament match

After the eighty women, women have basically traveled three and four, with the charm and connotation of mature women. Although we are also afraid of wrinkle, we can’t refuse to mature beauty. Therefore, we can only move in a more elegant and intellectual direction. Women after the eighty ten, have the elegance of mature women and feminine temperament, so wearing it, exquisite and elegant is our hearts.

Today, I recommend 24 set of light and gentle temperament. The gentle tone makes us more temperament, hoping to bring a little inspiration to the friends.

Black skirt, with the gentle and stable temperament of mature women, it is suitable It will not make the black look too dull.

The light powder T -shirt looks very simple, but the simpler the more refined, the wild T -shirt wearing a mature woman will also highlight their tenderness and elegance Essence Matching with casual gray wide -leg pants is pleasant and natural.

The gray fans skirt, exquisite and elegant, is one of the essential items for light women, can be controlled well whether it is dating and workplace matching. It is versatile, and it is very temperamental with a red T -shirt.

Dark blue suspender, with a blue gentle and elegant temperament, a sexy femininity of light women, the design of lotus leaf edges, more spiritual. It looks lighter and old. With barley white wide -leg pants, it is comfortable and natural, and it looks very cool.

How can an adult woman miss a small black skirt? Elegant, charming, unrecombinished.

Brown suit, very stable temperament of mature women, gentle and elegant, simple T -shirt with small shorts, will not make this dark color look too monotonous , Bring a little fresh feeling, elegant and natural.

Ink green and dark yellow are relatively stable color systems, which are in line with the temperament of 30+ mature women. The workplace is very aura. Gong and atmospheric. Women’s charm is unparalleled

You can also come to a pure white long skirt, simple and delicate, light and soft, matched with light women, very elegant and feminine temperament. People wearing it know.

Women after the 80s have begun to enter the ranks of mature women. Elegance and elegance are their due tones. I hope that this issue can bring some guidelines to their loved ones.

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