What kind of psychological long -distance love boyfriend is forgiven after a man split your legs?

In fact, long -distance love is easy to distract. After many couples leave their home, one of them may become three hearts and even derailment. So, what will happen to the derailment of a long -term love boyfriend?

The performance of a long -distance love boyfriend splits

Do not call you on time

Generally, there are fixed telephone contact cycles in different places, such as calling several times a week, or every every time Good night on the other end of the phone. Although the Internet is so developed, you can often contact the Internet, but the phone is different. You can really hear the other party’s voice. Even if it is not a face -to -face communication, the phone is a way of communication that does not need to wait and time difference between love couples.

When the other party no longer calls you on time, not because his life is getting busy, but because his feelings for you are getting lighter. Even if he did not change his mind, it was the sign of finding Xinhuan.

I won’t let you see him

Alien love cannot meet every day because of distance, but when I love each other deeply, no matter how far I am, I will also want to meet. Love can bring people to break through difficulties and courage. However, when he changes his mind and no longer loves you, he will find various excuses to escape you. Even if you want to see him, he will be perfunctory because he is afraid of being derailed.

What should I do if my boyfriend is cheating

If you still love each other, talk about it and see if there is any possibility of reunion. Break up as soon as possible if you don’t love.

1: Once the other party’s tone and words are slightly worse, they must be identified early. This harsh tone is not serious, but it must be a pre -war fuse. When the other party is suddenly cold or impatient, all we have to do is not to lose your temper to the other party, but to analyze where the other party is wrong.

Two: After discovering the other party’s problem, what we have to do is to guide emotions. In fact, anger is often a feeling of chest tightness. This experience must be unhappy, and so is the other party. So we need to guide each other’s emotions and talk about it.

Can a long -distance love boyfriend split for forgiveness


1. If you don’t cherish yourself, break your head, seem to cherish you, in fact, I mean my so -called my body. Because you really cherish you, you will be derailed? I really want to repeat the same mistakes in the past two years. If he cut his wrist and jump off the building, how would you end? Isn’t it just forgive him and continue to have?

2. Inferiority to yourself. In fact, except for some people who think they can step on two boats, most people can be said to be unfaithful to themselves. If someone needs to be accompanied, you can break up and find someone to accompany him; if you feel hungry and thirsty, you can use a five -finger girl. Derailment, this is called killing a thousand to pay 800 and deceive yourself.

What is the psychology after men split

First, the joy of breaking up as soon as derailment

Each boy’s love for his girlfriend It is increasing, from the initial love, to the bland ends, to the initial anxiety and even tired. Therefore, the general boys will have a pleasure. This is an unknown feeling, but it can always satisfy the paranoia of boys. They would think I broke up. Amazing.

Secondly, when you break up, you are not used to breaking up

Boys are used to their girlfriend’s companionship. This is one of the reasons why many boys start to start new love immediately after breaking up. They are afraid of loneliness. They only need to break up. At the beginning, they had pleasure, but after a while, they regretted it.

That’s because a boy can’t do without your company. When he is accustomed to your cooking and clothes, even your smile is left in his corridor, how can you make him get used to your separation? So boys do not feel used to breaking up.

3. The reluctance after breaking up

I can’t bear it, it will be the mind of many boys. Most affectionate boys are unwilling to separate from their girlfriends after breaking up. After all, they love deeply. But at the same time, we have to let go of each other to become a new life of each other. Maybe after breaking up, I knew that I still only love her.

In fact, there are reasons for men to derail. There are too many social temptation now, and the cost of derailment is too low. It seems that no one will criticize a derailed man, so the cost of derailment is too low, and there are too many temptations around, especially for those who are capable men, many women will rush up.

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