What women who read countless men? I interviewed thousands of men.

Author: Zhong Niannian

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What kind of girls do men like the most?

Because of work, I have developed almost a habit in these years, that is, observation and summary.

Whenever the male friends around you fall in love or get married, I always ask them subconsciously: what kind of girl will make you particularly good, you will unconsciously want to protect, even Want to live with her forever? Or in other words, what type of girl who wants you to marry home most?

Different from the past, the type of girls that everyone likes gradually changed.

At the beginning, the weak girls, especially the kind of weak text, or the kind of person who knew how to show weakness, would make men particularly protective. But I couldn’t do it later. Later, everyone generally liked independent girls, especially those who had their own ideas and opinions.

Compared with the weak appearance, mature men, they prefer to have rich and interesting girls.

It is not tired to get along with such girls, and it can help themselves. Perhaps the weak girl is suitable for love, but if you get married, you will definitely find a sense of sensibility and knowledge.


After continuous summary of these years, I found that these 9 types of girls are most fascinated by men.

Keep independent.

Whether it is economy or thought, never depend on any man. This kind of girl is the most respected. The era when you blindly sell hue and the flesh to win men’s favor is over. Even if it is not, it is just a moment. Men want to play with you, but they will never really fall in love with you or live with you.

And the kind of girls who depend on themselves and economical independence are the most respectable.

Do not entangle each other.

Both men or women need their own time and space. If you have to entangle each other all the time, you must stay with you in everything. Sooner or later, you will be forced to breathe. People need freedom, especially for men.

So the kind of girl who does not entangle people makes men like it. Do not monitor him. He is not the center of the universe. You can fall in love, you can love someone, but you must love yourself and have your own running trajectory.

Mysterious unpredictable.

This refers to the kind of woman who never allows men to guess, and always retains their core cards, so that men can discover their own advantages and highlights. In this case, he will have new surprises every day every day. I do n’t know how much you do n’t know how much you have. This is the most tempting to make him addicted and fascinated.

The girls who had all explained themselves in the case of men gradually became unhappy with him. All let him know or let him get it, and he would not cherish it.

Let him be anxious and appropriately create a sense of crisis.

Such a woman always appears unexpectedly, she will not go to him in a fixed time, and will always make him unpredictable. She does not have to see him every day, and she will always be outside his plan, but the more that, the more the men miss it.

Such a girl is a fatal temptation for men.

Do not let him see his wolf.

Such a girl is relatively rational. She will no longer be out of control to communicate and communicate with the other party. It will always be so sensible and knowledgeable, especially when brought out to see friends, men will feel special Have a face. Such a woman is not only mature and intellectual, but also smart and understands.

Arrange your time independently.

The master of his own time is not only a man fascinated by him, but women will also use it as the opponent of learning. Such a woman will always have her own arrangements and her own rhythm. She knows what she really needs to do and will not disrupt her sustainability for anyone.

This kind of woman is not only a strong woman at work, but also to take care of the circle of life.

Keep a sense of humor.

Good -looking girls are still attractive for men, but interesting girls can make men have a desire to live with them for a long time. Because it is interesting, it is the highest evaluation of a person. Our usual work and life are already very tired and boring. If there is an interesting person around us, the whole person will be much easier.

She is quite confident.

Confidence is a charm for girls. Self -confident women are more likely to be mature, well -educated, and have a certain pattern. She won’t be able to praiseAnd praise others can also afford the praise of others because she is worth it.

She cherishes her body.

Love yourself can love people, a woman who does not even love himself, there is no way to love others. If a woman does not know how to take care of herself, does not maintain, and does not exercise, then this person will not live. How can such women like men?


Everyone has their own preferences and has their own types of favorite.

Sometimes, love comes, all the rules and regulations are gone, and those so -called standards are not count. At that time, the person in front of me was the standard.

But that’s right, but a woman who is good at managing herself will always create more opportunities for themselves, and it will easily gain the respect and feelings of men.

We are not living for anyone who likes, but being a person who is liked is a kind of success in itself.

The above nine women are the most fascinating types of men. Do boys still need to add?

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Author: Zhong Niannian, focusing on the emotional world of young people, I have never seen you, but I understand you.

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