Women with high emotional quotient are the most popular girls with high emotional intelligence

In life, there are always people who can always bring people like a spring breeze.

They can always understand and spit lotus flowers when talking with people;

get along with others, be thoughtful, and take care of everyone’s feelings;

When conflicts occur, they It can also control emotions, and solve contradictions in a wise and intelligent manner.

They can gain a good popularity no matter where they go, and they get extremely high evaluation.

Jiang Xun talked about many women in Jiafu in the “Dream of the Red Mansion” series, and each character has its own characteristics. Among them, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baodi are the two people who are most often used by the world to compare. Both of them are talented, but their personality and circumstances are the opposite.

The author Jiang Xun said that each of our personality has the part of Daiyu and Baodi, facing the two sides of the personality. Daiyu’s self -sensitivity, insisting on dying with uncompromising, and Baodi knew how to melize and survived with this world of compromise.

Xue Baozhen’s high emotional quotient is more suitable for the cruel and realistic social survival than Dai Yu.

What are the characteristics of Xue Baodi of high emotional quotient? How to calmly cope with it in this complex society, bring goodwill and warmth to others, and see how Baodi does.

01 The life is in a proper, and the Xue family of Xue Baozhen is one of the four families of Jia, Shi, Wang, and Xue.

Xue Baozhen’s mother and Baoyu’s mother, Mrs. Wang, are two sisters. Because of the Beijing Draft, she lived in her aunt’s house.

The Xue family of Baodi was not better than the other three families. In addition, his brother Xue Yan often made trouble to do things. He lost his face to the Xue family. Baodi shouldered the facade of the Xue family and performed well everywhere.

Baodi was born with muscles, elegant and elegant. As soon as he entered the Rongguo government, Xue Baodi, who was generous and highly emotionally intelligence, won the praise of the upper and bottom of the government, and was loved by Mother Jia.

She has a sensible intelligence beyond her peers and high emotional quotients that make people like spring breeze.

Baodi ’s fifteen birthday, Jia mother set up a banquet table for her in Jiafu, and set up a family member in the inner courtyard. Before watching the show, Mother Jia ordered Shou Xingbao to play.

She knows that Jia Mu Su is happy and fully take care of her elders.

Baodi can be grateful for the elderly of Jia’s elderly. Although it is his own birthday banquet, he does not pay too much attention to satisfying herself. Instead Mother. Here fully reflects her sensible, thoughtful, and puts others in heart.

During the drama, there were two characters who played Xiao Dan and clownAt a young age, she was very skillful. The performance on the stage was well liked by Jia’s mother, and because she was young, she made Jia’s mother’s love.

Everyone has seen the appearance of the two children, and they feel like Lin Daiyu in their hearts, but Shi Xiangyun, who has no intention to say, said directly.

Baodi saw it and refused to say a smile.

She was understanding and knew that Daiyu’s personality was sensitive. When she came to Jiafu to send a fence, she could not help but have some inferiority and sensitivity to her life. Laughing and silent, he fully reflected that Baodi thought about the problem from the perspective of Daiyu, to avoid making Daiyu getting embarrassing and embarrassing.

Women of high emotional quotients know how to think in other places and consider the feelings of others. Grasp the level, and every word that speaks is properly in line with your heart.

They discovered your inner emotional changes in time, melting your heart like spring breeze, making you no embarrassment and helplessness. In this way, it won the respect and love of others from the heart.

02 Gettown. In the Dream of the Red Mansion of the whole situation, Both Baodi and Daiyu both had a good opinion of Baoyu. The two people with quite talented people had a delicate relationship with each other.

On weekdays, Daiyu often ridiculed to Baodi. Generally, women with small air volume will put their love rivals in the hostile attitude, but Baodi did not hate her, nor did it show that she was embarrassed. Instead, she took care of Daiyu everywhere.

Once in the Grand View Garden, Dai Yu said in a hurry and said the sentences in the “West Chamber” and “Peony Pavilion”. These two books were banned in ancient times, but neither everyone found it.

After Baodi knew, he pierced Daiyu without the public in the public, but instead privately exposed his secrets with Daiyu to peek at the ban. He did not expose it in public but took the initiative to expose herself, and the two girls got each other’s friendship.

This small detail can be seen that Baodi did not jealous because of the close relationship between Daiyu and Baoyu, but faced generously and accepted this sister generously. Falling down the stones, restraining the emotions in his heart, and taking care of others.

Women with high emotional quotient are good at dealing with interpersonal relationships. They do not proudly show themselves because of their fastness.

Xunzi Xia Jingui became mad after subduing his husband Xue Yan, so he tried to use his mother -in -law to subdue his aunt Xue Baodi afterwards, so that he could dominate at home.

Baodi saw his mind, and every time he faced Xia Jingui’s challenge, he could turn danger and cleverly imply that the sister -in -law herself had known her mind. Xia Jingui knew that Baodi was not a fuel -saving lamp, so he turned to Feng Cheng to please her.

Baodi did not cause it after thatRevenge for Xia Jingui’s two -face face, reflecting her big mind, thinking about her feelings, and fully taking care of the overall situation.

How high the emotional intelligence is, the pattern is big.

People with high emotional quotients can put their inner pets, keep their faces and others, and leave a spacious road in the future.

03 Wisdom to handle the high emotional quotient of interpersonal relationships, and it is also manifested in meticulous consideration and wisdom to deal with things.

After Shi Xiangyun entered the Haitang Club, he threatened to open the community to do east.

Baodi considers Xiang Yun’s situation in his family: Without monthly money, he cannot do whatever you want.

So she took the initiative to help her think of an idea: I asked Aunt Xue to ask Mother Jia to eat crabs and do both things. Solving Xiangyun’s difficulty in making east.

Here is the wisdom of Baodi. Shi Xiangyun is the golden family of the four family historians. Jia’s mother’s nephew and granddaughter also have a face and face in the Jia family. Baodi wanted to help her, but she could not show a high posture. After thinking about her psychology, she planned to plan for her and cleverly solve the other party’s problems.

If a kind woman does not have wisdom, it may be good to do bad things, and women with high emotional quotients do not blindly help. They can use wisdom to help others and make others comfortable.

When Daiyu was sick, Baodi visited her. Seeing her weakness, she recommended to eat bird’s nest porridge to make up for her body.

When Daiyu mentioned that he was sent under the fence, it was not convenient to ask the people of Jiafu to help him boil bird’s nest porridge.

Baodi even showed the style and atmosphere of the sister’s deserves, so he told Daiyu that he had a bird’s nest and gave you a few or two. Shocking.

At the same time, in order to comfort Daiyu’s depression under the fence, he pointed out that he was actually like Dai Yu, and he was also encouraged to the illness. Take care of each other’s good friends.

When people live in various difficulties, when high emotional quotient women help others, they do not forget the emotions of the other party. Give others encouragement together to change their hearts.

04 high emotional quotient is to understand the balance of self and mellow, and the perfect skin sac will be destroyed by years. Only high emotional quotients that have been practiced can make women live comfortably and freely.

Around the life of our lives, we can also see the shadow of Baodi. They all have a common characteristic. They can get together with anyone. Everyone with compassion and warmth.

High emotional quotientIt’s not false, but always put others in heart.Because there are others in my heart, there will be more considerations, one more tolerance, one more responsible, and more understanding.Because of their existence, the environment will become more harmonious.

Lin Daiyu, who needs to adhere to herself, also needs to understand Xue Baozheng who knows the melancholy and live with reality.

Remember that there is a saying: the person who does not meet is because the emotional quotient is too low.

People who are not good at interpersonal relationships are not far away.If a person can have emotional intelligence and talents, then life will inevitably improve.

Just like “Jiang Xun said the Dream of Red Mansions” said: We must insist on self -inside, and we can accompany people outside, which can achieve the balance between the two, which can be described as great wisdom.

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